Campaign Questionnaires

My Independence Pledge asks all candidates to fully disclose the promises they have made to special interests by posting on their website every campaign questionnaire they have filled out.

As a candidate for State Assembly, I have not filled out any special interest questionnaires. If I do, I will post my answers on this page.

On my Issues Page, I am sharing my agenda and statements that I have made to any endorsing organization. When you take a moment to review my priorities, you will have the confidence of knowing that what you are reading is exactly what I have communicated to everyone else. I have no private agendas or hidden promises.

I have also posted, with links below, the campaign questionnaires I have received. I will continue to post them so you can see the hundreds of questions being asked – and can ask the other candidates running for State Assembly what they have promised behind closed doors.

View and download all received questionnaires below.